Whanau embrace

I get the sense that folk who take the time to stop and read the ramblings here regularly, value their Grandparents, Great Aunts, Uncles and parents as much as I do. I miss my Grandmother so much at every significant stage in my life, for her wisdom and unconditional love. She was so cutely thrifty and always our strongest advocate. She saved EVERYTHING! She made notepads from recycled envelopes and saved every stamp that arrived through her letterbox, she recycled wrapping paper and mended woolen singlets until they resembled only the crosshatching of her mending.
Never touch her sewing scissors.
Put the nail scissors back in her desk.
Borrow books but return them,
don't sniff,
there's no such word as can't,
have a biscuit from the tin and make a cuppa with sucral or half a sugar.

She saved shoes and clothes from the 50's, records, letters and bottled cherries from Unca in Blenheim. Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich man, Poor man, Beggar man,Thief.
Grandchildren do dishes,
table is set with side plates. Manners.
I'm not sure her EIGHT children actually know how significant she was to her grandchildren. We grew up like a family of 16, seeing each other almost every holiday and then for many of us living with her in our teenage years. When I had my first baby she settled him to sleep in her antique pram like a pro after I complained and cried that I couldn't settle him. She taught me how to wash woollens and put all his nappies through the wringer and onto the line to dry in the sun.
(She told me she loved to see babies nappies on the line to dry and wished she'd had twins like one of the neighbours did)
Her oldest great grandchild turns 18 in a week or so.
M she absolutely adored you! She thrived on making you mouilied veges and collecting you from kindy when she was caring for you.
My cousin is visiting from the UK at the moment and seeing her reminds me so much of growing up in that secure Whanau embrace. We haven't seen each other for several years but it is like we just talked yesterday.
(So good to see you P. If I win the lotto I'll be at your wedding with bells on!!!!!)
My children too relish in the family embrace.

As we did before them, the 2nd cousins bonded over Grandma's Taipo game and "tag" outside in the dark!!

Yay for a day without the distraction of technology.

Hello Jase, Ryan, Leeanne, Alison, Oli, Sam, Robin, Prue, Dave, Ellie, Rhys, Kate, Steph, Marty and Bruce.


Millie said...

Such a lovely post...I didn't have any of this growing up...at all! My mother is American...all her family live there. My dad died when I was 13 months and my mother was disapproved of by nearly all his family and neighbours! However, I did have one Aunt, on my Dad's side who was so kind and gentle. She died aged 91 less than a year ago...I miss her ....a lot...
She was married but had no family, so I was her pet, and she was very dear to me..we enjoyed each other's company...right up to the end. One of my fondest memories is of my mother and I sitting at her bedside...me hand sewing and my mother knitting and we talked about all her crafting...great memories...thanks for reminding me.
Your Grandmother sounds like she was a great lady. Thanks for sharing your lovely memories.

Tracy said...

Hi Gilly,
That was a lovely post. I miss my Nan too.

Gillybean said...

Hi Millie your Aunt sounds adorable. I'm glad you had someone when the rest of your family lived so far away. I didn't appreciate my family while I was growing up, but I treasure them more every day

Ruth said...

Grandmas rock. I miss mine too. Wish I could tell her just how much I appreciated her unconditional love and support.

PS Gilly - how do you find your Hetlina apple tree?

Jerry said...

Hi Gilly, I know exactly how much Mum meant to all of you AND us. Those are such lovely words to read about her.
As a matter of interest, I have added another Taipo to the Whanau for all our grandchildren and anyone else who comes to Koha Haven. Unca.

Gillybean said...

Thanks Jerry. I'd like to record more of the memories I have of her. Random things come to me all the time. The cousins and the parents will all have their own perspective of the same events so I've been thinking of putting it together in a family members only blog, as mine is quite public. The others seem to enjoy the idea of remembering and recording too.
A little bird told me you had a game too. I think that is excellent as I remember playing it alot especially with Jason. All your grandies will have brilliant memories of being with you at your place. X