The best fresh food in my garden at the moment is Purple sprouting broccoli, it features in almost every evening meal. It has been really slow to yield, I think I planted it about 8 months ago and wondered if it was ever going to do anything. Early spring is perfect timing though, there are only leeks and salad greens to choose from otherwise.
Everyone I talk to is getting enthusiastic about the coming season, conversations quickly turning to planting, compost, nutrient dense food and calcium. I'm simply looking forward to peas and asparagus rubs hands together and smiles. I'm mulching, weeding, planting radishes, carrots and spring onions. Hand pollinating the apricots because I've only seen about 3 bumble bees and they're amongst the broad beans, I'm not even sure if they do fruit blossoms? It's a bit of concern that there is not a honey bee in sight, last year was the same. Beehives are on my wish list but not until the one with anaphalaxis leaves home. Water chestnuts and Earth Gems have arrived from Koanga today. So I'll be gardening, if you're wondering.
*!Happy birthday to PJ she's 9 today !* My goodness, she has grown up too fast.


Ruth said...

Asparagus, yum yum. Goes very well with broccoli!
I seem to have a few bees in my garden - I think the borage draws them in. But just in case I'll get myy paintbrush ready.

BellaBree said...

ooo love the purple brocilli! it looks so funky x

Tracy said...

We have already had a few early spears of asparagus and we are waiting impatiently for more.
Your broccoli lokks delicious.

Christy said...

still waiting for my purple broccoli to do anything, yours looks great! i didn't see any honey bees either in my garden until i got two beehives last year, now they are all over the place, and i do love them. had fantastic fruit set on pumpkins and melons last year which i'm attributing to the honey bees.