Sea views

We've built ourselves a place by the sea before

This time we've settled for the beautiful local sandspit.

Seems to be a lovely quiet neighbourhood.
We settled on a "doer upper". Skatey supervised the other kids into a workforce to make his dwelling windproof.
PJ planned future improvements, and collected a bag full of rubbish off the beach.
A beautiful relaxing warm winter day.
The Sand spit is a special place for the amazing migratory Bar- Tailed Godwits and
the Motueka Arts council have organised an event this year to celebrate the godwits return.
We recommend this as a beautiful local spot to visit. Please leave only footprints though.


Jill said...

Funny! I love the beach. Right beside the post on your site is a list of fruit - yellow raspberries? I've never heard of them, amazing!

Melissa van Boekhout said...


daharja said...

Beautiful beach photos. You're reminding me how long it has been since I took the kids to the beach, but it has been sooooo cold! Our swimming pool is frozen over this morning!