Garden notes July-Hops

Spent hop flowers make beautiful light compost. When they're fresh you can use them for beer, hop pillows or just for country style decoration.

mark my words:
if you plant a vine at the corner of your chook enclosure thinking that a beautiful trailing hop vine will be a wonderful addition to that area of the garden, you might just live to regret it.

The roots will soon attempt to circumnavigate the whole neighbourhood.
Some of them are as thick as my arm and they run for metres from the original site and re sprout themselves where they choose. It's not that I no longer love hop vines but they have a very strong will of their own. Mine has become seriously annoying as it lifted up the chook fence with it's growth last summer. Now that everything is dormant the chooks can see that it's quite easy to just wander out into the garden to scratch where I've spread mulch. So the hop vine is coming out. It will probably take a few years to get on top of it too. Serves me right, I'm sure someone warned me not to plant it. It's that time of the year to get everything in good shape for the next growing season. I have alot of pruning, clearing and mulching to catch up on.

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Ruth said...

Hmm... I had half considered planting hops so I could make hops pillows. I really don't need another spreading vine to deal with though... I'm already battling the dreaded convolvulus! Are you planting garlic this year?