Thrifty finds

Vintage curtains
Our little town sometimes yields great thrifty finds. We have a Hospice shop, Red Cross, and a Salvation Army. The Red Cross ladies are my favorites but I often find the best things at the other shops. I love to see what Jannelle has found each month, her finds usually make me wish I was visiting the thrift stores in her neighbourhood. This last month I think my finds are worth a mention. Boy's room, re-created warm curtains
Warm thermal curtains, too short for the window so I added a striped fabric and a wool backing to make the boys room cosy for winter. Skatey helped me hang a new curtain rail, he's better on a drill than me. He has a quilt on his wall for warmth as well.
A spiral bound book of Enid Gilchrist patterns

Merino off cuts
Probably my favorite find this month, Merino fabric off cuts at the market one Sunday. Perfect timing for making winter clothing, hoodies and long sleeve tops for the small children. We all need an extra layer in the morning when we do our outside jobs. Picking fruit for school lunches, with warm new tops.


Flower said...

Score! Especially the Enid Gilchrist!

Linda said...

The Enid Gilchrist is fantastic.