Kids clothes

"Sewing clothes kids love" is a book having a good influence on me at the moment. My colour combos and trims and not as daring as those in the book, though the patterns are truly delightful weather embellished or plain. The Capable of flying blog is written by the book's author and has some great links to other peoples creations from the book.
It has given me the confidence to try some great colour and pattern combos, with great results. Also influencing me has been Carefree clothes for girls, as yet I haven't made up any of the patterns provided, but the use of recycled hand stitched linen and crochet is adorable and inspiring, the colour palette using lots of linen and natural colours is a complete contrast to the other book I mentioned.
So the two youngest kids now have some good autumn additions to their wardrobes for school and Montessori.
I think I'm all sewed out for now, my temperamental over locker and I are calling it quits for a bit while we are still on good terms with each other, but what a productive week. Quite proud too that out of all of those fabrics only three pieces were bought new all the others have been sourced at the local op shops or as gifts from sewers downsizing their stash.
For a total change of scene and pace this weekend we'll be hanging out at Taste Tasman.
It looks as if it will be a great event.


Millie said...

Hi Gillybean,
I stumbled upon your blog somehow. I love the clothes you've made. I have the Studio Tantrum/farbenmix book, and think it's wonderful, very inspiring. I actually won it on Capable of Flying. My plan is to make the skirt too. My first one will be in muted colours too though.

BellaBree said...

oooo, big love on these! clever you!! I love sewing for my kids too, although mostly its been for the boys lately, my 2nd daughter is touching the fabric stash so need to rock out somehtig for her! love the crochet top, and is the shirt hobbytex? Totally remember doing that - so fun x

Gillybean said...

Thanks, they really have been inspiring books.
BellaBree I don't know what hobbytex is, do tell.

Flower's Page said...

Your goodies look fantastic...and so do your peaches! lol, hungry for peaches now...hehe

Linda said...

The first link was a good read, especially as she had a translation for the word whining.