Fibre finds and a giveaway

We had a lovely day at the Easter Fair yesterday. It may have been a bit hot for people to think about buying my winter woollies but they were very kind and complimentary about them which always makes my day. All the sewing I did in the lead up to the fair was worthwhile though.

The highlight of my day though was the few careful purchases and trades that I did. Delicious alpaca/silk blend from Rotocard who have moved their business into our area recently after being in Blenheim. I'm going to spin it as fine as I can so I can make a lacy scarf.

A lovely merino top for the red head from pipimoomoo.

I also did a trade with my friend Melissa because PJ fell for one of her lovely Easter bunnies. I would have shared a photo of it but PJ has whisked it away for a night with Granny.

Now I've got one more show and tell and a wee giveaway:

I'm in love with possum merino wool in yummy colours made right here in New Zealand. (They don't have a website but email me if you'd like contact details)

My favorite brooch from the last series or 1 ball of wool is the giveaway. It always makes me feel great to give away something that I really like, it has happy energy attatched to it.
All you have to do is say hi and let me know which you'd prefer to win.


debd said...

ohhh Gillybean I would love to have one of your fine broochs they are the perfect cheery spark to a jacket !!


Heart in the country said...

I love the brooch! I'm glad you enjoyed your day, Trades are always good :0)

Ruth said...

Hi there, I have been looking everywhere for felt and just can't find any! Am hoping you'll be able to let me know where I can get felt from (pref online)? I also live in South Island (West Coast). Love your brooch. This one is cute and for some reason reminds me of a belly button, lol.

Anonymous said...

Gilly the brooch is gorgeous and I would love to have one. We had markets here over the weekend and it didn't seem like there was a lot of buying going on either. Your stall looked lovely, great bags.

Sally Anne said...

Love the brooch and the rest of your gorgeous craftiness. I think our craftgroup are organising a visit soon to Rotocard, that fleece looks wonderful !

ikkinlala said...

That wool is lovely - I'd love a chance to win a ball.

Michelle said...

Hi, I've just started reading your blog. Love your garden and your crafts! It's feeling wintery so I'm in a knitting mood at the moment, if I win I'd love a ball of wool!

Flower's Page said...

Hello! I have just popped back to your blog for the first time in about a year! Your garden news is so inspiring and I'm totally loving your alpaca/silk goodies. I'm trying to figure out where you are. The pics look like Nelson..ish? Will be back for another look/ drool!
Flower xoxo
P.S if your giveaway is still up I'm as keen as mustard for your lovely broach