Easter Weekend

No baking or decorating eggs here for Easter.
Last minute preparations are under way for the giant Mapua Easter Fair. Printing labels, sewing new table covers and wishing I'd sewn and knitted a lot more items. The weather is looking promising so stop and say hi if you can find myself and Melissa amongst the hundreds of stalls.


Christy said...


The broaches are lovely. I hope you do well at the fair and have lots of fun with friends.


Johanna Knox said...

Wow - what beautiful things you make!!! I hope you are feeling better now.
Just on the offchance you're not ... is there any chance the panicky feelings could actually be the root cause? I just know from personal experience that panic attacks bring about lots of physical symptoms as well ... and often don't feel like pnaic attacks. Hope this is not out of line to suggest - and also very aware that I don't know any of your symptoms in any detail and could have completely misinterpreted. O you may have already thought of this and dismissed it. Anyway, hope you *are* feeling loads better.)

Best wishes