You know it's full moon because:

Saturday 8am the sound that wakes you is a glockenspiel being practiced. Then siblings yelling at each other. Someone wants breakfast. At least it rained in the night, no watering today. Bird feathers on the floor, must vacume.
There's miles of housework to do, beds to strip and wash. Catch the skatey boy twice as he tries to slip off for the day. You try and stay calm when the teen challenges with "why do we have to clean up, why do we have to do dishes, why can't I go on the computer?'
You have to french plait the girl's hair for a performance at the old folks home.
A phone call from work, some one's complaining cos the water at the bach is not going. You feel like turning the phone off and not talking to anyone else today.
You overflow the washing machine because the teens sock blocked the tub! You rant and rave about socks to anyone still listening. Skatey boy's gone, girl's at the show. Fold a weeks worth of washing.
Investigate the beeping sound coming from the wash house. Washing machine is officially dead! Text husband with swear words. When no answer text mother with swear words. Go to the garden before doing something regrettable.
Why is teenager yelling and 3yr old crying? Pooh everywhere of course! Try a bit of lecturing, put one to bath and bed. Other one off quick smart sees mother's in a real mood.
Husband answers, not helpful.
Nothing inspiring for tea.
No one to talk to.
Count blessing again.
Chill a bit, wait for full moon to rise.

Thank goodness life's not perfect.


Kez said...

{{HUGS}} Gillybean - hope today is better for you!

Bonnie said...

Hi this is such a random comment, but you seem like you would know a little something about it! My partner and I have just done up a wee veggie garden and our courgettes are being attacked by a little grey bug (aphids?) and I have heard that you can spray water mixed with soap to keep them away. Have you got any useful tips on getting these little guys to take a hint and take a hike? Just thought I would ask :) Thanks! x Bonnie

SewMamaLady said...

Oh, such a good post. :) Some days are the worst and some are the best, huh?