Garden notes Dec

The market on the weekend involved quite a bit of thumb twiddling. I noticed people were buying mainly fruit and veges. My stall was pretty quiet.
I guess the benefit of being in an economic downturn gives me the chance to really get it right in the garden to help with the budget. I'm waiting patiently for things to ripen:

and redcurrants nearly ready, they need bird netting to get a great harvest. I have about 8 plants of each as well as blackcurrants which ripen later. I'm even more determined with the berries this summer having read that eating black currants may help protect you from sunburn. That doesn't mean I'll be throwing away the hats and sunblock but we have alot of melanoma in our family so anything extra is worth a try. Currants are a great choice in the garden, they're easy care don't take up much room and seem to have quite a high yield for the amount of space they take up. I always freeze quite a few pounds of them for winter use. Can't say the same for the peas though. They were fabulous but none made it into the freezer. I've got one more plot to ripen and planted some more today, maybe I'll get a few in the freezer. Fresh is best anyway so it's time to think about what I want to be eating in autumn and winter it would be lovely to be self sufficient right through. Will hopefully make time this week for some seed sowing and more mulching in the garden. The seaweed's been working a treat.
Looking forward to the seed heads drying off so I can save the seed for bread and baking. It's a bit of a risk growing these as they often get stolen from the garden.

Not many raspberries are ripe yet these little yellow ones are a novelty and taste the same as the red ones.


Jane said...

I can't believe I have never used my poppy seeds! For some reason I have never thought of them as a food plant- that has changed now! Thank you for the inspiration and your berries look fabulous.


The Vintage Rose said...

Yummy berries! I'm not having much luck with my strawberries this season. I think I forgot to fertilise. Is it too late to liquid fertilise them?

Heart in the country said...

What a wonderful garden you have. I love the poppy seed heads, i always think they look brilliant in dried in pot pourri, and of course the seed are fantastic in breads and biscuits.


Gillybean said...

About the poppies, I know for sure you can eat the seeds of these opium poppies but I'm not certain about those other delicate common paper ones. Perhaps someone else will know? Also I'm not great at growing strawberries I think liquid fertiliser or worm wee is a good boost anytime and they do grow well when mulched with pine needles.

Sandra said...

Gorgeous photos Gill. I especially love the poppy heads. And how you have raspberry plants which are proper size and yielding fruit.

Sofia's Mama said...

Wow, I used to pick blueberries for a summer job when I was young. Until today I never knew what they looked like unripened though! Thanks for enlightening me, and for inspiring me to get out in our little garden.

Ruth said...

Look at all your blueberries! I only have one bush (Blueberry Muffin) and the main harvest is in March. It's put on a few berries for me to pick this week though. I agree that berries are great value to grow.