I get so stressed when my washing machine breaks down, usually every few years. It broke down on Monday, the guy was supposed to fix it Tuesday. He came out and replaced a part and left a reasonable bill but, I didn't get a load on until last night because I was behind with everything else. Skatey boy came in and said "Mum there's someone in the house hear that bashing?" We both looked at each other scared to death. I said "hold my hand we'll check it out" (Quite stupid looking back) Anyway it was the washing machine in what seemed to be it's death throw. Relief on one hand and gutted on the other. Called back said fix it guy who said he can't look at it till Monday. Pleading about four kids didn't sway him a bit either. Unfortunately he's the only appliance guy in our town and looking back it took him 3 goes to fix it last time too. I'm grateful they're all out of nappies to say the least. I have some cool bits of fabric that I'm dying to wash up too.

From left: cool old floral curtain, fab orange sheet, and a bit of "viyella" all found at the op shops today. As well as two super cheap bits from that Spot place. Red head boy needs new long pants and shorts, have you noticed it's so hard to find cool boy fabric second hand? Hopefully the washing machine will live again on Monday.


Linda said...

We have been pondering repair men here. I think we only have basic repairs, no actual repair man I don't think. We find a lot of white goods at the tip, I think people just buy new ones.

We took our freezer to our hometown 2 1/4 hours away once. There may be an easier way, we just haven't found it yet.

Heart Felt said...

I would die without my washing machine (3 loads a day) Nice op shop finds!

Sally Anne said...

I am commiserating with you over the washing machine fiasco. I remember so many times like that, with loads of washing and lots of children...and ALWAYS on a friday, so I had the weekend to wade through !