Try felting

I wish I could really write. I haven't blogged because alot of what I have to say in spring is the same year in and year out. Blossom, seed, rain, sun, slugs, you know how it goes.

I've really been looking inward I guess, trying to decide how best to make myself happy while continuing to support my family. I feel like 15 years of mothering has been so rewarding but I need to also reward myself now and then too.

I've worked as a volunteer and an employee at Playcentre for many years. I've resigned from 1 of my paid days at Playcentre and it feels great! The other one I so love the people I come in contact with that I'm not ready to let it go yet.

I walked into Playcentre at 20 years old, shy and naive, I was greeted with open arms literally! Most of my closest friends I've met through playcentre, we've been there for each other through post natal depression, relationship trouble, financial highs and lows, moving and buying houses, having babies, discussing abortion, immunisation, religion, death, accidents, gardening, sewing, knitting and everything. I have no idea where I'd be now without my Playcentre family, that's why I find it so hard letting go. I know I have to start now cos in only two short years my youngest will be off to school.

This week the daughter I prayed for turned 7. The son who saved me got his drivers licence. I went to the movies with the Playcentre girls; saw "Mama Mia" and I LOVED IT! Wished I'd got up and danced. Was Pierce Bosnian serious?

We had a kid free craft day. For full time Mums it's such a luxury.

We dyed using the vinegar and food colouring method.Wet felted with thrifted fleece.

Tried needle felting with one who'd done it before,
and went away feeling totally inspired.

It's amazing just to get together and try it out. The results speak for themselves and what better way to spend a spring day than with new friends and old with good food and intentions.
PS. Broke my felting needle while waiting for photos to load. Bugger! PJ wanted me to put more hair on the dolls.


Kim McBirnie said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, I lvoe the felting you have done - I keep thinking about having a go but don't know anyone else who has, and don't know where to start. So I sew instead. I totally understand what you mean about finding your space - my kids are still young but when my daughter goes to school next september it will be crunch time: what to do then? Keep on blogging, it is such a super community - I will add you to my blog list and drop in for updates!

Helen said...

Yes do keep blogging, I think you say more than you think when you blog about the garden and seasons. You are lucky to have had such good friends through playcentre. Oh yay for child free craft sessions!!!

melissa VB said...

your feltedcreations look WAY better then mine! Good call too about etiquette blog entry. ps i bought the last needle on saturday!