Response to comments from my last post. The Giraffe pattern is from Kate at "Two Little Banshees" Check out her blog or Esty shop. Adorable softies and bags!
The Softies book I featured is a collection of blogger's patterns. I first saw it in the Motueka Public library and immediately ordered a copy for myself and a friend. It doesn't give an author. Rather says Viking an imprint of Penguin books, It's just titled "Softies". I love blogs but am totally addicted to books. Before I had children I spent at least 2 hours a week in book shops. Now I'm lucky if I get 2 hours a month. Every now and then I treat myself to a special book. Hope you all still do the same.Look at what I got in the mail from Helen this week. Buttons, fabric, artwork and collage cards which made my day! I really admire Helen's craft work and poetry. I've already sent one card off as a thank you to a friend and am on the look out for old books and magazines to do some card collages with the kids this holidays.
As of today I'm on two weeks holiday, THANK GOODNESS! I hope to use the time to be a good friend and to participate in International downshifting week. 19th -25th April. I've started by donating some bags of pre- loved clothes to the Sallies today. I'm going to cook a meal for my Mum for her birthday on Sunday instead of buying a present.I'll make pumpkin soup from ingredients I have in my garden except for nutmeg and cloves which I can't grow, on Monday night we'll turn the TV off and play Scrabble instead. I'm going to sew some fabric shopping bags to give away to encourage friends to stop using plastic ones and when I shop I'll remember to take mine from the car into the supermarket. I hope every one who reads can make some conscious effort this week as well. If nothing else plant some winter veges, try spinach, brassicas, lettuce or peas.


Pherenike said...

I cant recall if ive introduced myself already, but "HI" I am enjoying your blog, Ive been scrolling back in the archives at random. Love your garden so much. Its nice to find a kiwi blog that interests me. So many lovely blogs out there, but i haven't discovered many kiwi ones so far. (tiny happy's list is opening many new doors though!)

Me said...

I too have been enjoying your lovely blog for a little while now. I envy your weather and garden also. Thank you for reminding me of Downshifting week. I have been having a very "conscious" time of it.