The Fair at Neudorf vineyard yesterday.The setting was beautiful for wine drinking, listening to jazz and shopping for Christmas. I hear it was very expensive to get in but at least the money is going toward child cancer.
I LOVE Owen Bartlett pottery!!!! I can't afford it though. Kids to go to camp, birthdays, Christmas etc. One day though I shall have the spotty jug my heart desires. (Green below)

These country ladies took my fancy too. Not to buy, I'm one of these fair shoppers that goes around and says to myself "that's a good idea, I could make one of those" and never get around to it.
My bags looked better displayed at home, I can't quite get my stall to come together at the moment.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Rats. Wish I'd got your message before I left! Neudorf fair looked like it would have been the perfect place to spend all my money... wouldn't have even mind not being able to eat for the rest of the week!


rag_grrl_nz said...

I love those spotty jugs!!! Your bags look great too, it's not easy to display cloth bags well.

RennaGayle said...

Your bags are quite lovely!

Perhaps if you draped a large piece of solid colored fabric around the frame, so they'd have that solid background behind them, it might make them 'pop' more?

Either way, as I said, they are very pretty. :-)