L has taken "skatey boy" for a jaunt down the west coast to visit rellies and friends so I'm without my camera for a few days. Household dynamic will be a bit different with two away, I'm looking forward to making sushi, hummus, salad etc with the meat eaters away. The teen arrived back from camp with renewed appreciation for my cooking "YAY" he said he got very bored with all the processed food they took. DOUBLE YAY.I found a new to me blog today, check out Helen's writings and craftings. And surely everyone has discovered the Sew Mama Sew handmade holiday's ideas already? Time to start making some pressies.


rag_grrl_nz said...

Oh thanks for the comment! That's sweet :) I've been enjoying your posts.

melissa said...

i like helen's blog too!
hope you have a lovely time with the smaller household. enjoy that sushi! x