Summer bounty

Thank goodness the Christmas rush is over, I think I spent the week before Christmas shut inside making presents. Every couple of hours I'd pop out to the garden for a walk around to refresh myself, sometimes I'd walk past a spot that needed weeding so badly I'd take a bit of time off to do so but despite that it's going to take awhile to catch up. I did however get all my Christmas presents finished including the homespun jersey which I finished sewing up at 11pm Christmas eve. Boxing Day was fabulous my brother set the net at the beach on Christmas night and we got up really early to haul it in. We didn't get the snapper that we were after but got about 20 huge paddle crabs, a rig and plenty of seaweed which I bought home for the garden, the asparagus bed will get it I think. We're spoilt for choice in the garden now, I picked 2lb of raspberries last night and have accumulated about 1lb of red currants to be made into jelly. The plum tree is providing it's usual abundance and when the kids get home from holiday they can pick a few bucketfuls to sell at the gate and for me to make sauce out of. I have dug a wee bit of garlic it's looking ok but could do with a few more weeks I think. I'm trying to find a balance between sewing for the Pokororo Fair and catching up with the garden. It's pretty important to start getting the brassicas in for autumn too.

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