I'm really pleased with the cover crops I put in this year, they are much nicer than bare dirt or weeds. I put in radishes, buckwheat and phacelia which is as a santuary for predatory insects. I checked it out today and I saw plenty of bees, small hoverflies and ladybugs. I have left the buckwheat to go to seed instead of digging it in as I'm keen to find out how to use it in the kitchen. The radish seed is also destined for the kitchen as a seed to sprout. I'm waiting for a free day to sew some more seeds as I want to get the autumn brassicas into the ground I've had great spring broccoli this year and aim to have a better selection available for winter. I wish I could get carrots to grow as well as the broccoli, the germination has been sparodic this spring and I've only got a small patch in the glasshouse keeping us going, any tips would be appreciated. I've tried planting just after the full moon but that hasn't been any better. Here is a sneak peek of the jersey I'm working on, it is homespun wool and the gold colour is achieved from dying with onion skins. As it is a Christmas present I better get on with it.

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