Well hello again

It's weird to come back to my comfortable old blog and realise how much of a different direction my life has taken since my days of being a stay at home, busy Mum, dedicated to my children, garden, being healthy, thrifty and considering in every day the impact I am having on my environment and others. These days my core values remain the same but my priorities differ so much. I have little time to appreciate the garden and the phases of the moon, in fact I guess it would be about a year since I accepted my direction was changing. I'm appreciating those values in little moments that are fleeting, like getting out of bed on Saturday morning and seeing the stars of Matariki shining so brightly that I could not help but think it's going to be a good season in the garden. Visiting a new friend in Tapawera and spotting a New Zealand falcon in the sky which scared up the ducks we were hoping to shoot for the freezer. I give my feedback on pruning and planting but spend little time with my hands in the soil. Instead I am thoroughly absorbed in my learning at teachers college. I watch lectures online and have written the first academic essays of my life. I've had brilliant grades so far and done very well with reflective practice and observations which my Playcentre training and few years blogging set me up well for. I have persevered with the technology and completed my first semester after a wonderful placement at a rural school. My favorite part of the course has been learning te reo, I've loved the culture and the language since I was a very little girl exploring the native rivers and bush in Masterton and doing waiata at Fernridge School.
 There have been only a few low lights, my blood pressure skyrocketed with the stress of study and exams and I do miss the authentic feeling of living in touch with my environment, however it is thrilling to be learning and teaching. Next semester starts in a week, I'll be doing music, drama, art, math and literacy. Can't wait. I just have time to sneak in a little bit of sewing and hopefully some adventure this week. Best wishes to all my friends and community.

My children are doing well. I am proud of them all. The teen is finding his path, Skatey is racing mountin bikes and loving it, PJ has made some wonderful friends and is still doing  tap, playing sport and trying very hard with her school work,  the Red head is excelling in maths and playing hockey. They are all benefiting from living so close to their extended whanau (family), multiple generations of relatives are sharing their knowledge and love with us.


Sandra said...

GO Gilly! I've thought of you and wondered how you are finding your new life. Thanks so much for your online update. Are you doing primary or Steiner?

Melissa said...

Kiaora Gilly, great to hear you're enjoying the studies and the kids are doing well. What an inspiration you are, dealing with what life brings and constantly bettering yourself and being there for your whanau! I wander around the garden ( weeding, so much... so little time) and wonder how on earth you did sooo mmuch! And you're right, you still do Tons! different tons! Kia kaha for the term. ( wow is red head seven now?)

Gillybean said...

Thanks guys, I regularly check both your blogs to break the monotony of study. Yes Melissa the red head is 7 how time flies! Sorry to hear you've had frosty pipes I remember well how cold Brooklyn can get, I used to leave a cold tap dripping over night and sleep in, but I also recall that's impossible with babies. Sandra, my understanding is that I have to be a conventionally registered teacher before I can get a job in a Stiener school, that is definitely my aim sometime down the track, though you never can tell where life is going to take you eh? I thoroughly enjoy working with underprivileged families as well but I'm going to remain open to anything.

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