Magic of the tide

Yep that was me all wet suited up. What a blast, I think it was the best summer the kids and I have ever had.

All the darkness is gone. We found fun, joy, adventure and silliness. I found a little too much and wrecked my ankle on a rope swing. But hey it served to remind me my body is not 18 any more even if I feel that way.

I didn't garden or write or knit.
I got to know a whole other me, I remember her from very long ago and I like her alot!


BellaBree said...

go you! thats just great and what a blast!!

BellaBree said...

yay you! go for it! such a relief to find the silliness hey...sometimes its elusive for me and sometimes its there...so yay you!

Sarah said...

That's awesome good on you. Tis always great getting to know another side of yourself.

Melissa said...

WooHoo! ( Hope your ankle is well!)