Faries Dance Here

A nice thing about the holidays has been that PJ hasn't had the influence of other girls telling her how she should be. I've finished a couple of dresses for her that have been half done for several months. She's been through her dress up box and added her Granny's apron over the top of them, then quietly acted out the stories she has made up, including her little brother when he is in a co-operative mood. It's a little sad that this week she will go back to school and start stressing about the outfit to put together so she doesn't get called a baby. Sad too that those other little 8 year old girls want to wear short shorts and tops instead of the lovely dresses I'm sure they'd all prefer. We're working on confidence so Pj can be a leader instead of a follower.


greenvalleycrafts said...

Good luck to her!

Melissa van Boekhout said...

Oh she looks beautiful.... Its os hard to negotiate these hard times, I know I hated it, and never quite got the fashion of the day, but looking back I am glad because I am now original and funky ( to myself anyway), and creative and happy, not ina office job looking like evryone else around me. kia kaha PJ and you gill.