A Breath

Here goes, .............. a long deep breath before summer.

Pj needs new tap shoes and her term fees paid. Practice, practice, practice before the end of year concert.

Skatey will be off to school camp on his birthday. Trapping possums, eeling, orienteering, camp fire cooking and other adventures.

The school book and Country Fair. Fundraising for the solar heating on the new pool.

The teen will sit his exams and go on summer holiday early.

Grandpa will need help picking strawberries and peas at the farm.

I will sew for markets and events and grow a garden full of beautiful food.

Pj asked tonight " Mum when will we have raspberries and cream after dinner?"

Our future is uncertain here. But I can grow sprouts and herbs anywhere.

Mum gave me a plaque which I like:

"No matter what

No matter where

It's always home

If love is there."



petrafanella said...

Beautiful... this weather is so full of promise and hope.

Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

Thinking of you Gilly. I haven't yet sent the kefir sorry. I had some ready and then realised I had visitors for lunch and no cottage cheese for the quiche so used nearly all of my kefir instead. Aiming for this Monday.

BellaBree said...

lots to do ...sometimes my head swims and can't quite grasp where I'm up to...breathe - its a gift I reckon! all the best for your busy plans x

Theresa said...

very fun blog