Some Sewing

Hard frost but warm winter days here.
I haven't been working in the garden though, I received a bag full of fabric to inspire me, with a request for a soft doll.
That was enough motivation to spend the day cutting, sewing and ironing, all with a bent neck from talking to a friend on the phone in Aussie for most of the day as well. (must multi task of course)
I cut out half a dozen because our school is fundraising for a new pool. They are collecting pre -loved books, homemade produce and items for a craft stall. The latter being right up my alley I think this batch of softies will fit the bill perfectly.
I hope we'll still be here to enjoy the pool for a few summers to come, but regardless this awesome little country school has encouraged our children to their full potential over the past 5 years. I admire the parents who home school or unschool their children but feel blessed to have found a school which looks at the child as an individual and encourages creativity and confidence especially in art and music so well.

As well, a smock for me, a tad too big, but not as hideous as usually results when sewing for myself. A trio of bags nearly finished for "Potters Patch".
And some lanky looking lettuces and other seeds in the sun room. Some are covered with vermiculite available from Egmont seeds It was given to me by a friend and I find it works well to aid seedlings when germinating.
I notice lots of visitors from the Northern Hemisphere are stopping by my blog for garlic plaiting instructions which means they're heading for Autumn/Fall and we're heading for SPRING!!!! Wicked, I can't wait!


Corrine said...

I also send my kids to a country school and love the ability to be involved in school life. (34 kids on the role from ages 5 to 13,and two teachers)
The fund raising of course is endless. We had some success with cloth bags for groceries and the kids all screen printed the outsides with various designs of their own. Good luck with your fair, and the dolls will be fantastic.

melissa said...

i love those dolls! they're beautiful, gill. and so is your new smock top (great choice of fabric.)