8.30-9.30 Saturday 28

Last night Skatey boy asked me "what are we doing for Earth hour?" embarrassingly I hadn't given it much thought. I did think about it today though and it's a great opportunity to do family stuff. Stories and games by candlelight is our plan. I wish I had a wood coal range to cook dinner on as well, but instead I'm going to let the kids come up with some other earth friendly family activities to do throughout the weekend. What inspiring activities do you have planned?

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deva said...

hi Gillybean
have just found your blog while searching for info on Austrian Oilseed pumpkin/seeds.You are an inspiration with all your energy and enthusiasm. Hope you are feeling much better by now. re the shed (earlier post) maybe you could have a little roadside shop at one end of shed, then you could both be happy. Plenty of timber from old one to reuse! Have to think about what I'm going to do for Earth Hour now. Cheers deva