garden notes

While it was raining an army of stink bugs amassed in my garden. They are absolutely everywhere, sucking the life out of everything. I squashed alot while I picked some things for tea, but as many as I squashed the same amount dropped onto the ground. They do that when they smell their mates "stink", then I can't find them. A friend suggested Neem oil for next season after I moaned that the catch crops, squashing and garlic and rhubarb sprays were just not doing the trick. Most of the outdoor tomatoes will be a write off I think, luckily I have quite a few going strong in the glasshouse. The rain has also made the blackberries go mouldy, while the immature peaches have got a bit of brown rot showing up.

The corn and basil are tops at the moment. I'll have plenty of corn for the freezer and am whizzing up a batch of basil pesto as I write.My "golden midget" watermelon, next to one of my Dads. The great organic verses inorganic competition is heating up. He won on melons but I'm winning hands down on corn and cucumbers and am way out front on flavour!

Finished pesto, this lot is being frozen for winter.


Christy said...

I am going to aspire to be one half or even one quarter as good as you in my garden this summer. And I will be happy.

The pesto looks great.

Pherenike said...

Even though those stink bug invaded, it looks like your garden is going well. Mines doing ok. Its quite a bit smaller than yours, but I have had enough beans to freeze. My corn seems like it will be a flop though. Sigh - oh well, next year... Thank goodness for the vege market.

Leanne said...

Nice to meet you - I found you via a link on a blog - as one does.

Be back to read more of your blog.

Love Leanne NZ