Snow, tra la la

I guess I should have known that as soon as I posted my tra la la spring post we'd be hit by a huge snowy winter blast. L wasn't able to make it over the "Hope saddle" to get back to work because it was closed with 2 ft of snow for three days. Friends in Murchison said they hadn't seen it this heavy for thirty years.
Aside from the cold, the wet and the fear that the shed roof was going to blow off, life carried on as usual.
I feel grateful to have:
a shed still half full with dry wood,
celebrated 15 years of motherhood,
some seedlings coming up in the glasshouse,
a night out at a book party and laughing till my sides hurt,
a Mum who works all week then saves my sanity by having the two littlies for the night,
apricot blossoms so close to popping,
and 10 chooks laying 9 eggs a day.


Christy said...

Snow, glad the wood pile is dry. Will get our new winter stove insert, in next week. If you have a bit more winter ahead, that means we have a bit more summer ahead. Totally selfish of course. I've been thinking the evenings are getting a bit cool. But we almost always get an Indian Summer, which can take us into late October, or get cold and then have a warm spell, before winter sets in.

Linda said...

It was freezing here on Friday. Yet, our new house was warm and dry yesterday, it has been having condensation issues, it was a very warm morning.

Sounds like you have been getting there.

Me said...

Yes what has happened to Springs approach? Sounds like you have some wonderful things to be grateful for.