2019 - Gratitude

I realised that my last post sounds really shitty and ungrateful. I wear my heart on my sleeve and tell  it like it is, my ups and downs are frequent.

What I am grateful for today:

I am so lucky my mum and dad are still alive. I get to hang out with my dad and uncle on their farm whenever I choose. All I have to do is drive for ten minutes and I'm in the semi rural location where they spend their days tending to the strawberries and spuds that provide them with the money to pay their rates and sustain their lifestyles.
I got up early today and packed strawberries for dad's wee stall. Usually my daughter PJ does this but she was off to a friends wedding.

The farm is a little slice of heaven. Uncle Robbie has a pond where I can go and watch ducks and eels go about their daily business. I don't get there every week but when I do I feel connected to the changing seasons.

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